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Aviation Fuel Forum

Creative Content and Environment Design
Gala Dinner at the British Museum, London 


This bi-annual forum is the premier industry meeting for the world's aviation fuel community. We helped create an immersive experience that took full advantage of the venue and enhanced the host's brand through interactive storytelling and networking.

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On the surface this was ‘just a networking event’ – but the evening was actually all about immersing the guests in the sponsor's brand. We were asked to advise on how to achieve this.


We started by researching the sponsor to understand its goals and position within the industry. We advised that engagement would be best achieved through immersive storytelling. We identified some great story lines that could be used to emphasise the client's vision, highlight their latest achievements and underline their position as a global thought leader. We then linked these stories to various passive and interactive methods of delivery. 

From bite-size facts and news to long-term leveraging and policy, these stories aimed to engage, break the ice between guests and provide them with choice depending on their interest. Our goal was to enhance the brand experience, produce lasting memories and turn guests into brand ambassadors. 

Our proposal also covered the design and creative direction of:-

  • guest circulation and networking spaces

  • immersive visual branding of the environment

  • graphic messaging and digital touch points 

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