I’m writing lists again.


I’m on the train a lot at the moment – back and forth to Kingston upon Thames. If I’m lucky I get a seat. If I am very lucky I get a seat with a table. And if I’m extremely lucky I get a seat with a table facing the direction of travel. Then in the nicest possible way I hope that no one nice sits next to me or opposite me – especially not someone I know. Then I can quietly work before the meetings start.

I’m a list writer and as a creative director I have to make sure that I’m well organised – and then I stand a chance of organising the job well too. So either on the ipad or on a sheet of paper, I write the daily ‘to do' lists with added visual doodles as aide memoirs. When I finish the job I get huge satisfaction throwing the lists away and once again enjoying the view out of the train window. AE

#creativedirection #anoukemanuel

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