What will make wearable technology a "Must Have" ?


What will make wearable technology truly take off? Smart watches and the like are all very well, and most likely it will be a ‘killer App’ or function that eventually tips the balance. We already communicate, research and organise our lives using our phones and tablets, so the function that makes wearables a ‘must have’ will need to be something pretty fundamental.

As designers, strategists and manufacturers, we must all remember that these ‘devices’ are wearable, next to our skin, potentially worn every day. Above all, they are PERSONAL. T-shirts are T-shirts; they vary enormously in quality, price and style, yet they all perform the same basic ‘function’ - so is it more a question of style and branding than anything else that will really kick things off for wearable technology?

Other tablets existed before the iPad, but for a long time, that’s what most people thought of if you said ”Tablet”. Maybe Apple will do it again with the Apple Watch, but I can’t help thinking that we should be looking for something more. AL

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