The amphitheatre - enhancing your audience engagement.


My background is deeply rooted in the theatrical. So yesterday, wearing my mummy hat, I took my eldest off to see his first proper Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet at the newly opened B.O.A.T. (Brighton Open Air Theatre). It was a Globe Theatre touring production and part of the Brighton Festival. It was good despite the torrential rain – which will no doubt stick in our heads longer than the show itself!

But what really struck me was the fabulous jewel of an amphitheatre that has been built; small, with perhaps a capacity of only a couple of hundred, this human scale space provided intimacy, an intensity of involvement and excellent viewing. I don’t think it cost a fortune to build and now is a real asset to the South Coast.

The traditional amphitheatre (or Agora in ancient Greece) was always the centre of athletic, artistic and political life. In modern day the layout is also familiar in the Christmas lectures at the Ri.

In corporate theatre this layout remains one of my firm favourites. If you want your audience involved, engaged and in tune this is the scale and layout that can really make a difference. AE

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