Will Eurovision spell the end of kinetic spheres at corporate live events?


We are always on the look out for the new and the different.

This time last year, I was Creative Lead on a project where we suggested the use of kinetic spheres. These are LED spheres suspended in a tight grid formation that can be animated to create a striking kinetic sculpture. At the time they had been used a little, mostly in car show scenarios and notably at the Shanghai expo.

We suggested them for use in a high-end, technology event as the central attraction and focus puller. Since then, they’ve cropped up in various corporate events. Here’s a nice example from IDEX 2015 at ADNEC.

But last night I spotted them on TV - Florian Weider’s design for Eurovision in all its glory had used them as part of the animated theme ‘Building Bridges’, in the logo, the staging and above the audience’s heads. 180 million viewers saw it on TV – so it’s definitely not new anymore. I wonder whether we’ll see it again in the corporate world? AE

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