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Andrew Leggo, Creative Director, Emanuel Leggo
Andrew Leggo
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Andrew is an experienced Creative Director / Designer specialising in brand strategy, creative ideas, and visual design, applied across multiple channels that include products, print, digital, and live experience. He has worked on a wide range of projects in different sectors including automotive, consumer products, finance, music, pharmaceutical, technology, and telecoms.

​Before becoming a Creative Director, Andrew spent his early career as an industrial designer and futurist specialising in the function, aesthetics and ergonomics of electronic musical instruments and professional audio equipment. His work on physical products for the likes of Fostex, Roland, Sony, Trident and Yamaha evolved to include digital user interfaces and the overall user experience. In turn, this user interface and user experience design work led him to develop interactive projects specifically for conferences and exhibitions.

Over the last 20 years, Andrew has become increasingly involved in graphics, branding and strategy - helping companies not only develop their products, but also communicate and grow their brands and businesses.

As a Creative Director, I search for innovative approaches to storytelling and customer engagement. I listen, analyse and ask ‘Why?’. My role is to understand fully the objectives of a project and then guide the team to conceptualise, develop and deliver the most effective and cohesive creative solution possible.

From brainstorm to final delivery, my diverse design background in physical products, digital interaction and branding allows me to work comfortably with multi-disciplined teams. I am in my element when building relationships and collaborating with stakeholders, strategists, artists, engineers, designers, and programmers. My aim is to achieve the desired results by talking their 'language'.

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