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Anouk Emanuel, Creative Director, Emanuel Leggo
Anouk Emanuel
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Anouk works as a Leading Designer and Creative Director with numerous international design and integrated marketing agencies. She is well known for her clarity of process, her disruptive thinking and her love of colour and theatrical lighting. 


Anouk graduated with a Psychology degree from Bristol University. With a subsequent Postgraduate Diploma in Stage Design from Central School of Speech and Drama (London) she began designing for theatre, TV and film. She then transferred her skills to the world of corporate live events and brand experiences.

I have over 20 years' experience specialising in creative ideas and design solutions for the corporate live experience industry. When I bring an idea to life it’s not just in one dimension – from the written strategy right through to the theatrical delivery I make sure that the thinking is cohesive and strong. 


My experience in design and my psychology background allows me to take on a hybrid role, creating environments where people come together, are entertained, learn, listen and make connections. My perspective allows me to dig deep into the brand, go beyond the brief and create something exciting, long lasting, emotive and memorable.

I have built up keen strategic insights, core design values and a practical and thorough leadership style. Combining this with a sharp analytical mind and a love of the theatrical, I have an intuitive sense of the use and dynamics of space and ensure an integrated and complete approach to both design and creative content. I turn ideas into value driven realities that actually work.


Imaginative and thorough, I will sow the seed of a good idea, nurture its development and share the enormous satisfaction when it bears fruit. This ‘experience’ building makes a difference, changes behaviour. Making this difference tenable, valuable and visually aesthetic is very rewarding. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a wide variety of brands and projects and with some wonderful people – it’s what keeps the ideas fresh and keeps me engaged and excited.


Give me a blank sheet of paper and a pen!

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