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Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines


The launch of MathsCity Leeds marks the next step in MathsWorldUK's journey to establish the first National Mathematics Discovery Centre in the UK.

Our brief was to create a brand and identity that reflect MathsWorldUK's aim to position maths as accessible, fun and joyful.


As well as being attractive, recognisable, memorable and creative, the brand needed to work across multiple channels including print, digital and environmental.

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Brand and Identity Development

We had a lot of fun working with MathsWorldUK, a hugely dynamic group of maths experts and enthusiasts. All our client communication was done at a distance via Zoom. Using mood boards and on-screen presentations, we explored all sorts of ideas for them and then created a unique, flexible and dynamic visual identity that could be used in a variety of ways.

Emanuel Leggo - MathsCity Branding
Emanuel Leggo - MathsCity Branding
Emanuel Leggo - MathsCity Branding
Emanuel Leggo - MathsCity Branding

Brand Guidelines

Our remit also included the creation of Brand Guidelines that could be used by anyone in the organisation - outlining the core elements, colours and typography, logo design, spacing and placement, use of pattern together with generic examples of application. 

Emanuel Leggo - MathsCity Branding

MathsCity Leeds Photos courtesy of Chris Vaughn

MathsCity Leeds - Environment

The visual identity was used by the client to theme MathsCity, providing a colourful and attractive backdrop to the temporary space being used to raise the project's profile. It was also used to create distinctive T-shirts and other merchandise.

Emanuel Leggo took us in hand and walked us through a branding exercise which crystalised our voice and direction. They gave us a timetable and framework to work to for this exercise. With them we were able to work quickly and efficiently. Once the voice and direction were fixed, Emanuel Leggo produced a beautiful set of brand assets which lifted the project to a professional level and energised the team for the next steps. With our new brand we were able to get a website made quickly and direct the internal fit out of the centre. Every subsequent task flowed smoothly once we had this initial work under our belts. The experienced direction of Andrew and Anouk allowed us to fulfil the first stage of our large ambition, an outcome most wouldn’t have believed possible beforehand.
Dr Katie Chicot, CEO, MathsWorldUK
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