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Brand Identity and Strategy

MathsWorldUK is a charity that works to advance the public understanding of mathematics. 


MathsWorldUK asked us to design a brand identity for their project MathsCity - but it became quickly obvious that before we could even start, a refresh of their corporate umbrella identity was needed. The charity's assets had evolved somewhat piecemeal over the years; so we sought to tighten it all up, refresh the identity and provide easy to use Brand Guidelines and assets so that it could be used consistently across their channels.

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In the true spirit of mathematical symmetry we played on the fact that MathsWorld initials 'M' and 'W' could be used as reflections of each other. We incorporated this in the development of a distinctive badge design - ideal for social media applications. We looked at their typography and colours, designed a primary logo and combined primary plus badge version. We produced email signatures and letterheads for immediate use.

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