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HP House at MWC, Barcelona

Environment Design and on-site Creative Direction


During the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, HP House at the Mandarin Hotel is HP's exclusive venue for invited guests to participate in executive meetings, networking opportunities, guest speaker presentations and high-end hospitality. Product exhibition and business areas also needed to be accommodated.

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The initial site recce revealed a highly stylised hotel; part of the challenge was therefore to ensure that our designs embellished the surroundings and did not clash but at the same time it was important visitors felt immediately that they were in an HP environment.

Although the client had taken over large parts of the hotel it did not have exclusive use. As a result many of the design elements had to be installed with very short lead times, stored effectively or designed to sit comfortably in the hotel spaces whilst used by other hotel guests. We therefore designed all elements to be easily moved, modular and sympathetically aligned with the existing decor.  

The event was a success - with happy end clients and a happy hotel - the hotel even offered to buy some elements of our designs for permanent use within their hospitality spaces.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done for us ... it's been a real pleasure to have you work with us finally!
... Quite apart from your excellent design work, I'm personally very grateful for the support you gave the team and I know they really enjoyed working with you too ... looks excellent – a very successful bridge between HP and the Hotel environment.

James Hodges, Creative Director, Ivory Worldwide

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