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Creative Direction

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What we do

what we do

We specialise in Creative DirectionDesign and Strategy for branding, business communications, product development, live events and experiences. 

Our clients range from individuals just starting out on their journey to multi-national corporations and their agencies. We have the skills and experience to work either as independent consultants or we can be brought in to lead or be part of your own team.

Emanuel Leggo - Graphics, Visuals and Presentations

Graphics, Visuals & Presentations

  • Sketches

  • Graphics for Screen & Print

  • Visuals

  • 3-D models

  • Plans & Elevations 

  • Seating Layouts

  • Design Details

  • Pitch Documents

  • Speaker Support

  • Mood Boards

  • Storyboards

Emanuel Leggo - Product Development

Product Development

  • Sketch concepts

  • General arrangements

  • Finished details

  • Models and prototypes

  • Technology integration

  • Manufacturer liaison

  • Instruction manuals

  • Ergonomics

  • Technology transfer

Emanuel Leggo - Creative Direction and Strategy

Creative Direction & Strategy

  • Interpret and respond to brief

  • Background research

  • Develop strategic insights

  • Brainstorming the big idea

  • Develop the narrative

  • Cross-discipline team leadership

  • Lead creative content development

  • Copywriting / tone of voice

  • Safeguarding strategic messaging

  • Final edit of pitch documents

  • Client facing presentations

Emanuel Leggo - Integrated Marketing, Branding and Identity

Integrated Marketing, Branding & Identity

  • Company names and straplines 

  • Defining core brand values

  • Visual identity and logo design

  • Brand guidelines

  • Marketing material - copy & design

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Social media

  • Identity refresh

Emanuel Leggo - Live Event Design & Branded Environments

Live Event Design & Branded Environments

  • Brand Experiences

  • Conferences

  • Award Shows and Dinners

  • AGMs

  • Exhibitions & Road Shows

  • Product Launches

  • Permanent Installations

  • Visitor Attractions

  • Festivals

  • Theatre

Emanuel Leggo - Web, Digital and Interaction

Web, Digital & Interaction

  • Websites

  • Interactive presentations

  • Speaker support

  • UI, UX

  • Video

  • Animation

What we do 2
how we do it

we'll help you tell your story...

From pitch to final delivery you will always be dealing with an experienced Creative Director. We work with you to understand fully the nature of your business and the project requirements. We then drive the creative process to ensure we deliver an appropriate and effective solution.

The Creative Process

Interpret & respond to brief

Visual Research

Develop strategic insights

Investigate & Explore

Brand Position



Target Audience

Trends etc.

Concept Development


Ideation & Strategy


Final Client Presentation

Creative Direction

Deck design

Finished Proposal

Design Sketches

Brand Identity



3D Environment


Digital Interaction




Creative Content

Leading multidisciplined teams to safeguard strategic messaging and visual integrity

Strategic Content

Develop the narrative / story

Storyboarding the 'Journey' 


Tone of Voice

Written Content


We work closely with: account executives, creative producers, marketing teams, copywriters, animation, graphic and 3D designers, product developers, web designers and programmers, lighting designers and production managers, logistics, event services and venue managers (phew!).

We focus on:

  • communicating with clients and colleagues

  • developing strategic insights

  • leading creative content development

  • driving the creative solutions across multiple channels 

  • managing teams across different disciplines

  • motivating and inspiring others to nurture positive collaborations 

  • remaining sensitive to brand and core business values 

  • protecting creative integrity and keeping the solution cohesive as projects develop

  • turning ideas into reality

  • changing perspectives and behaviours

We do mobile
Creative Process
who we are

a creative partnership...

Who we are 2

We started working together as a creative team over 20 years ago. As Emanuel Leggo, we combine our respective knowledge and complementary skills to deliver intelligent solutions with creative flair. Our integrated 360° approach covers research, design, content creation, strategy, future thinking, and technical expertise.

​We are good listeners, analytical and fun to work with. We would love to hear about your project requirements or business ambitions. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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Creative Direction


Brand Experience


Set Design

Environment Design

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Creative Direction


Branding & Identity


Graphics & Digital

3D Product Design

creating brand experiences...

who we work for

who we work for

Our work is commissioned both directly and indirectly by either end-users or by their chosen agencies. Below is a selection of businesses and organisations that we have created work for over the years.

Think you can't afford the full agency experience? Think again...


If you are just at the beginning of your journey or gearing up to the next level, we can help you stay on budget by focusing on the priorities. We will tailor our service to your needs and ensure that you are in control of each step. We will help you plan and think strategically, and provide you with the design and content collateral you will need to tell your story and grow your business. 

Our work covers everything from designing a business card to directing the creative and strategic elements that go into a live experience for 5000 people.

Emanuel Leggo took us in hand and crystalised our voice and direction. They produced a beautiful set of brand guidelines and assets which lifted the project to a professional level and energised the team for the next steps. Their experienced direction allowed us to fulfil the first stage of our large ambition, an outcome most wouldn’t have believed possible beforehand.

Katie Chicot, CEO


bringing ideas to life...

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